e-Go aeroplanes

GioCAS has aquired e-Go aeroplanes and, led by its founder and designer of the aircraft is aiming to get the aircraft back to market!

Please do let us know if you are a possible customer via e-mail or FB. This would help us tremendously get through the process ahead. The aim is to get production aircraft built by the end of the year; how many just depends on the number of interested customers as well as the production process. We are not planning a large production and will allow the company to grow organically driven by demand.

We are currently working with an external composites manufacturer with lots of experience in order to finalise the work required to take the single seater firmly into production rich of the whole wonderful, challenging and instructive experience of taking my 2007 idea through design and development to the first sale in 2016.

Please enquire if you’d like to order one.